English Breakfast Teabags Inspirational Tags

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This full-bodied English Breakfast Black Tea provides you with the chance to stop, reflect and take a break. But not in the way you’re used to. 

Delicious tea aside, our pyramid teabags come with specially chosen inspirational quotes.  With over 20 different tag designs, the bespoke quotes encourage you to pause while your tea brews.  The words are encouraging and motivational, so the benefit is not just taking the time to reflect on them, but to be uplifted by them too.

We want you to be able to handle whatever the day throws at you with calm and positivity. From taking small, consistent breaks throughout the day, to the multiple benefits that come with tea drinking – the goal is to relax and invigorate - all while drinking your favourite hot drink.

Buy it for yourself or gift it to a tea lover.

Also available in 50pk or 200pk, or try a subscription.

English Breakfast Black Tea

A traditional blend of Ceylon & Assam Black Tea grown in Sri Lanka & India. Full bodied with good flavour and strength.


Our biodegradable teabags are made from a fine woven mesh material derived from cornstarch. They do not contain any plastic. 

The 18pk outer packaging is 100% recyclable and biodegradeable. The teabags are packaged in a plant based compostable polybag.

Packaging Dimensions:

18pk: 17cm H x 9cm W x 5.5cm D