About Us

Monji Tea vision statement


Tanya Boots, the creator of Monji Tea, is obsessed with tea drinking and the rituals that we create around it: 

"The standard greeting in our family was and still is ‘Would you like a cuppa?’. Tea has always been the drink of connecting and comfort for me"

Tanya wanted to enhance the superpowers of tea and add something extra special that would bring a little extra joy to tea time.

Her vision for Monji Tea is to inspire tea lovers to look after themselves and each other. It links to the two main benefits of drinking tea – self-care and connecting:

"If our teabags with quotes can encourage tea drinkers to take a break in their day, even one as short as the time it takes for the tea to brew, then I know that they are looking after themselves.

I want my customers to be able to handle whatever the day throws at them with positivity and calm.

The second part of my vision is about connecting. I’ve seen firsthand in my work with Women’s Shelters the power of women coming together for a cuppa and a yarn.

I honestly believe that most problems can be solved over a cup of tea"

We are a proud Australian company with a strong sense of community. We've partnered with artists and women's shelters to bring you our tea. To learn more about these partnerships click here.

We welcome you to our tea loving circle.


Tanya Boots