"I have purchased this product many times as gifts for the special friends and people I have in my life. Everyone that has received them, has found the tea and daily tips helpful for getting through the day, and sharing with other people in their life to offer some positivity into their world. This is why I love Monji Tea Daily Tips. They are messages of goodness that bring delight into peoples worlds"

"They just make tea time better , I often sit and reflect when having a cup of tea , it’s ‘me’ time and the positive quote just brings a little mor joy to this time“

 "I love drinking tea and enjoy reading the daily tips. I am also impressed that young vulnerable women help with the packaging"

"Thank you for your awesome products. My BFF received hers yesterday and loved it. Loved the way it was presented and the quality of the product itself. Thankyou. Highly recommended" (Jo-Anne)

"Thank you for the lovely gift I ordered for my son and his girlfriend, because of these stressful times we cannot visit them and miss their hugs.Now each evening they send me their inspirational quotes while enjoying a nice cup of tea together when they finish work.I love the way we all get to help each other with the work you do x" (Hazel)