Tasmanian Huon Black Tea

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Australian Grown

Did you know that the average daily temperatures for the Huon Valley of Tasmania is identical, summer and winter, to Darjeeling?

And the similarities don't stop there, Huon Black tea is produced from plants normally used for green tea, as also occurs in Darjeeling. Hence, Huon Black tastes similar to many Darjeeling black teas.

The dry leaf is dark black to brown is a broken leaf possessing a woody, toasty aroma with a hint of toffee. The liquor is a pale honey colour, clear with a few specks of tea leaf. The brew has a sweet toasted nutty flavour and aroma with citrus and woody notes detectable. It makes a refreshing, balanced, cleansing drink with pleasant length and no obvious astringency from tannin. Overall a most enjoyable tea that does not necessarily need the addition of milk.


Brew 3-4 minutes at 100C.