Hand Folded Tea Gift Box

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This gift box is not only unique and handmade, but also contributes to helping women in need, and showcases some of Australia's most talented artists and poets. What better way to complete the circle of giving than to gift this to someone special?


1 x Monji Tea Hug Mug
2 x Pyramid Teabags with Handfolded tags 10pks (choose theme and tea type)

The tags on the Handfolded teabags are origami-style and come in two themes - Inspiration and Booklovers. You can choose your theme and tea type, or default to our most popular. See below for details on themes and tea types. 

The hand folded 10pk is packaged in a custom designed box with a pull out tray, and features the artwork of Adelaide artist Tatiana Georgieva. Each theme has a stunningly different print. 

For every 10pk sold, we donate $1 to the Women's Community Shelters. To learn more about the incredible work WCS does, click here.

Includes keepsake Erica Walt designed Hug in a Mug gift box and a handwritten gift note. There is an option to add a personal message when you get to your Cart. We don't include an invoice in the gift.

Tea Types

Certified Organic English Breakfast Black Tea

An organic blend of Ceylon black tea with a unique flavour and strong aroma. Packed in Australia from imported ingredients. 

Peppermint Tisane

Large leaf - minty and fresh; can assist with digestion, and high in Vitamins C and A. Naturally caffeine free. Packed in Australia from imported ingredients.

Tag Themes


Inspiration is for everyone. Our foundation range, featuring quotes along the themes of motivation, mindfulness and resilience. Phrases that are so well expressed that we repeatedly turn to them for inspiration.


Booklovers is for those who like to lose themselves in the magical world of books. Featuring quotes from famous works that have inspired readers for generations, as well as some observations that book lovers will entirely relate to.


Our biodegradable teabags are made from a fine woven mesh material derived from cornstarch. They do not contain any plastic.

We want our customers to enjoy an unboxing experience that isn’t tarnished by excessive amounts of non-recyclable plastic. Our packaging products are eco-friendly, fully recyclable, and contain no plastic.