Inspiration Teabags 10pk Hand Folded Tags

  • $15.00
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Pyramid teabags with hand folded tags featuring unique quotes in the theme of Inspiration. Packaged in a custom designed slide-open gift box that showcases the artwork of Tatiana Georgieva, these make the perfect gift for tea lovers.

Inspiration is for everyone. Our foundation range, with quotes along the themes of motivation, mindfulness and resilience. Phrases that are so well expressed that we repeatedly turn to them for inspiration.

Also available in this range are the themes of Booklovers, Love and New Parent.

Tea Types

Certified Organic English Breakfast Black Tea

An organic blend of Ceylon black tea with a unique flavour and strong aroma. Imported from Sri Lanka.

Peppermint Tisane

Large leaf - minty and fresh; can assist with digestion, and high in Vitamins C and A. Naturally caffeine free. Imported from the USA.


Our biodegradable teabags are made from a fine woven mesh material derived from cornstarch. They do not contain any plastic.