New Parent Tea Gift Box

  • $70.00

"I need another jumpsuit!", said no new parent ever.

What all sleep deprived, sore and hormonal Mums need is a hug and a good cup of tea. Haiku poetry reminding them of the joy of it all is a bonus! 

The New Parent Tea Gift Box contains all the essentials required for 10 virtual hugs (cups of tea), with unique baby-themed haiku poetry on hand folded pyramid teabag tags, and a comforting and practical Monji Tea Hug Mug.

The poetry is written by celebrated Australian poets Vanessa Proctor and Gregory Piko, and comes from their book Blowing Up Balloons: Baby poems for parents

1 x New Parent Hand Folded Pyramid Teabags 10pk Organic English Breakfast
1 x New Parent Hand Folded Pyramid Teabags 10pk Peppermint Tisane
1 x Monji Tea Hug Mug
1 x Blowing up Balloons: baby poems for parent book (Vanessa Proctor & Gregory Piko, 2017)


Includes keepsake Hug in a Mug gift box and a handwritten gift note. There is an option to add a personal message when you get to your Cart. We don't include an invoice in the gift.

Tea Types

Certified Organic English Breakfast Black Tea
An organic blend of Ceylon black tea with a unique flavour and strong aroma. Imported from Sri Lanka.

Peppermint Tisane
Large leaf - minty and fresh; can assist with digestion, and high in Vitamins C and A. Naturally caffeine free. Imported from the USA and Egypt.


Our biodegradable teabags are made from a fine woven mesh material derived from cornstarch. They do not contain any plastic.

We want our customers to enjoy an unboxing experience that isn’t tarnished by excessive amounts of non-recyclable plastic. Our packaging products are eco-friendly, fully recyclable, and contain no plastic.