New Parent Tea Gift Box

  • $70.00

"I need another jumpsuit!", said no new parent ever.

What all sleep deprived, sore and hormonal Mums need is a hug and a good cup of tea. Haiku poetry reminding them of the joy of it all is a bonus! 

The New Parent Tea Gift Box contains all the essentials required for 10 virtual hugs (cups of tea), with unique baby-themed haiku poetry on hand folded pyramid teabag tags, and a comforting and practical Monji Tea Hug Mug.

The poetry is written by celebrated Australian poets Vanessa Proctor and Gregory Piko, and comes from their book Blowing Up Balloons: Baby poems for parents

1 x New Parent Hand Folded Pyramid Teabags 10pk Organic English Breakfast
1 x New Parent Hand Folded Pyramid Teabags 10pk Peppermint Tisane
1 x Monji Tea Hug Mug
1 x Blowing up Balloons: baby poems for parent book (Vanessa Proctor & Gregory Piko, 2017)


Includes keepsake Hug in a Mug gift box and a handwritten gift note. There is an option to add a personal message when you get to your Cart. We don't include an invoice in the gift.

Certified Organic English Breakfast Black Tea
An organic blend of Ceylon black tea with a unique flavour and strong aroma. Imported from Sri Lanka.

Peppermint Tisane
Large leaf - minty and fresh; can assist with digestion, and high in Vitamins C and A. Naturally caffeine free. Imported from the USA and Egypt.

Our biodegradable teabags are made from a fine woven mesh material derived from cornstarch. They do not contain any plastic.