This is a gift. What should I do differently?

There's a few details that can make all the difference in ensuring your gift has maximum impact:

1. Complete the gift note before you leave the Your Cart. It is a space just above the button that says "Place Your Order". Remember to say who the gift is from.

2. When completing the Shipping details at the Checkout:

  • Customer email address should be yours. This allows us to notify you when the order is shipped.
  • Any Shipping Details including name and address needs to be the person you are sending the gift to.
  • The Billing Address is your address.

I want this to be a Mother's Day gift, but I need to send it now. How do I avoid them opening it before Mother's Day?

Just tell us in the Notes section in Your Cart, or reply to the email confirmation of your order and let us know. We will place a cute sticker on the box that says "For a special Mum, don't open until Mother's Day"

What is the last order date to ensure delivery in time for Mother's Day 2021?

To give us enough time to pack your order, and Australia Post enough time to deliver it, get your orders in by these dates:

QLD: 2-5 business days
NSW: 3-4 business days
VIC: 4-6 business days
SA: 5-7 business days
TAS: 6-7 business days
WA: Temporary delays 

Will the gift receiver know how much I've spent?

No. We don't include invoices in any of our orders. They are available on request.

How do I check the delivery status of my order?

Find the email we sent you when the order was fulfilled, and click on the tracking code. This will take you to the website of Australia Post and you can check where your order was last scanned and expected delivery date.

Remember - there are delays this year due to COVID-19. 

Can you deliver to an International address?

We deliver to the UK, US, India and New Zealand. The rates for Standard International postage (tracked) for a parcel under 2kg are $50 for US & UK, and $25 for New Zealand and $30 India. If you are not in any of these regions, send us an email at sales@monji.com.au with the item/s you'd like to send and the intended delivery address and we will give you a quote.

Do your teabags contain plastic?

No. They are made from a material called SoilOn, a plant-based mesh derived from cornstarch.

Where does your tea come from?

We are an Australian owned business. We source our bulk tea from a variety of overseas countries, and manufacture our teabags in Australia. We source our product packaging from Australia and our packing is done in the Gold Coast, Queensland.